Ticket Submission Guidelines

If you need to contact MxRP Staff, this help center is the proper place to do so.This place has quite a few things to look at, but it has pretty straight forward layout. We request that you read the KNOWLEDGEBASE, also known as the Frequently Asked Questions, before opening a ticket of any sort. Your question may be answered there already.

If it is not, please use this system to open a new ticket. There is a link in the topbar of this help center that says "Contact Us". This will lead you to a page that allows you to create a help ticket. Please be sure to accurately fill out each section of the form, because they let us know what we need to know in order to assist you.

Most tickets are responded to within an hour or so, but please keep in mind that we have real lives and may be asleep if you send in a ticket at four am. 

Don’t know which ticket to use? Here’s a little bit of a guide on each type of form and what belongs in each.

> Site Abuse / Harassment Reports

This is the ticket to report users who are breaking the Site Rules. There are a few things listed there that might not be directly covered under the rules, but it is usually very apparent when someone is harassing another member of the site.

Here are a few things you should not report a user for:

  • Do not report someone for roleplaying an activity you personally find distasteful. As long as a user isn’t using the site for malicious purposes, they are not breaking site rules.
  • Do not report someone for silencing or banning you on their chat. We do not interfere with the decisions of a chatroom mod, unless they are legitimately harassing the users there.
  • Do not report someone for disconnecting on you. Yes, we are aware that it is annoying when people refuse to use the checkboxes, but we do not punish for this. Please block users if you do not want to run into them again.
  • Do not report someone for having an argument with you, unless they begin using hatespeech or slurs in that argument. 

> System Error / Technical Help

This ticket is the area to put in a request that is not covered by any of the other tickets. Usually, these are for the errors that are less common, such as problems with the Matchmaker, a user not being able to access a certain page (Usually an error 500), etc. Please always try clearing your cookies before sending in a system error report. Many system issues can be fixed if you do so.

You can also use this ticket section to request help with using the site, if you are unable to figure things out from looking at our User Guide.

> Forgot Password  

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a temporary login code here.

  • Please note that if you are found using this help section to gain login access to someone else's account, you will be suspended on your own account and the ticket will be closed.

> Silenced by Spamless

If you are accidentally silenced by the site's antispam and no moderators are around to unsilence you, you can request to be unsilenced here.

  • Do not use this ticket if you were silenced by a chat moderator.
  • Do not use this ticket if you were silenced for legitimate spam. We will leave you silenced until a chat moderator decides on how to handle the situation.

> My Account Has Been Deactivated

If your account has been temporarily suspended, please use this help center to find out why and request that your account be reactivated. If you have been permanently banned, please do not continue pestering administrators to unban you.

> Registration Issues

If you have trouble signing up or need your account manually activated, please use this ticket form to find help.

Unable to find an answer?

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