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This area is a quick brief on what is and isn't allowed on MxRP. If you break one of these rules, your account may be temporarily suspended or you may be banned from MxRP, depending on the severity of the offense or how many rules have been broken by a particular user. First time bans last for 24 hours after you contact a moderator through the support system. Please create a ticket in the Temporary Ban / Account deactivation to request an unban, or to ask why you were banned if you do not know why. First time bans last 24 hours, Second time bans last 3 days, and third time bans are permanent. Evading a temporary ban will result in permanent suspension from the site.

Please note that MSPARP enforces rules on a report basis, so if you happen to meet someone who is violating our terms of use, please let us know.

> Do not roleplay minors in sexual situations.

Characters who are under the age of 18, or give the predominant impression of being as such, are not permitted in sexual roleplays. These characters are permitted in NSFWV scenarios, and typical highschool romance plots are also permitted.

> Do not roleplay as, or use references involving, real people.

This includes photos, GIFs, or videos. All references should be drawn art, or simply encourage your partner to Google the character you're playing instead if needed. Roleplaying as a real person, be they dead, alive, a celebrity, or a self-insert, is not permitted in any form.

> Use the site for its intended purpose: Roleplay.
Out of character chats are fine, but please do not browse the site with the intention to disturb roleplayers with non-roleplay content. This includes seeking out users to roleplay things with the intent of making them uncomfortable.

However, users are allowed to roleplay what they desire, if it is not being done to be malicious. Do not report a user just because the content of what they choose to roleplay makes you feel uncomfortable. Do not use MxRP to solicit real life relationships or photos. You will be banned if you use MSPARP to try to send or receive nude photography.

> Do not flood chats or attempt to crash the server.
Spamming or attempting to crash the server are offenses that may receive a global ban, depending on the severity and consistency of the spam. You may advertise your group chats on the Character Search, as long as you use the proper character tag. Do not advertise on Roulette.

Do not spam to "Summon the Spamless". Intentionally triggering the site's anti-spam for fun is not allowed.

> Do not impersonate Global Moderators.
Pretending to be a Staff Member for any reason is against the rules and will not be tolerated. Telling people that they will be penalized by a Staff Member for anything not listed here is also against the rules.

> Do not evade bans or site punishments.
The evasion of chat group bans is against site rules and users who do this will be temporarily removed from the site. Evasion of temporary bans will result in permanent removal from the site.

> Do not attack a roleplayer while out of character.
This rule concerns trolls who attempt to harass users outside of the realms of roleplay. Do not harass someone for who or what they choose to roleplay. This rule does not apply to situations such as arguments or fights. Please do not report someone because you do not like how they run their chat, or because you have a personal disagreement with them.

Here are some examples of out of character harassment:

1. A roleplayer tells another roleplayer to kill themselves for playing a certain character.
2. A roleplayer seeks out people who are roleplaying a specific AU so that they can harass them.
3. One roleplayer threatens to DOX another roleplayer.
4. One roleplayer attacks another roleplayer, because they want their username.

> Do not roleplay sexual content if you are under the age of 18.
If you are found roleplaying sexual content on MxRP as a minor, you will be temporarily deactivated as a warning. Second offenses will result in a temporary ban. We ask all of our adult users to be conscious of the legal and site-wide consequences of roleplaying sexual content with a minor and advise that they verify the age of roleplay partners before engaging in sexual roleplay.

These rules and ban times are subject to change at the discretion of a Global Moderator.

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