Navigating the "Your Chats" Page

The "Your Chats" page can be accessed by clicking your account name, which is located in the righthand corner of your screen, or by clicking the "Menu" dropdown (mobile). When entering a chat, you have the option in your "Settings" to subscribe to it, so that you can receive alerts when you have unread messages in the chat, or just so that you do not forget the url. Unread chats with be denoted with an italic name. When you have an unread chat in your chatlist, a notification will appear next to your account name on the site's homepage. If you unsubscribe to a chat, you will no longer receive alerts of the chat's activity and it will be removed from your chatlist. This page has a set of filters so that you can search for a specific type of chat (PM, Group, Roulette, etc), or so that you only see the chats that have unread messages. 

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