Navigating the Random Encounter Page

The Random Encounter page is the traditional "Character Search" found on the original MxRP. This form of roleplaying allows you to search for specific character(s) to interact with.

When using this page, please select your character from the dropdown found at the top of the page, marked as "Roleplay as". Though you are able to set your quirk and chumhandle manually, we ask that you use this dropdown to select your character or category (Example: Fankid) so that when others are searching for Fankids,they will run into you. You can edit your quirk on the page, choose from one of your Custom Characters, or leave the quirk on its automatic settings.

If you select the wrong character for yourself, you will show up in the searches as the character selected, rather than the character whose chumhandle you've entered, so keep this in mind when choosing your character! After selecting your character, please select which characters you would (and wouldn't) like to run into, by using the Filters. Your search information will save to your account automatically, so you do not have to worry about losing your quirk and search information. When you are ready to roleplay, click the button that says "==> Enter" and you will be matched to another roleplayer.

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