Navigating the Character Creation Page

This page allows you to create and save your own custom characters to your account. You can make as many custom characters as you'd like, simply by selecting the "Create a New Character" button. When you visit the Character Creation page, you will be prompted to fill out a name and quirk, and you will be required to choose a shortcut. If you are unfamiliar with quirk settings, please check the "Character Customization" section of this guide. Once you've made your character, you can choose to set it as your default character or create another one. When you choose a character as your default, it will be the character you appear as when you enter group chats.

Shortcuts allow you to access that character's quirk and settings, without changing your character in the chat. This is so you can roleplay as multiple characters at once, without having to utilize multiple browsers. To use a shortcut, you must begin your message with /yourshortcuthere. For example, if you had saved a custom version of Gamzee to your account, with the shortcut "gam", you could access this character by typing "/gam" before your message. The color, quirk, and acronym of your saved character will automatically affect your message.

However, please be mindful that you will need to refresh your chat page in order to access new shortcuts and characters.

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