Moderation Tiers and Abilities

There are four tiers of moderators available in group chats. All mod levels are able to change the Rating/Publicity of the group, as well as edit the topic/description and enable autosilence. A chat topic can be up to 500 characters, while the rules and descriptions allow you to insert up to 5,000 characters. You can access the chat's topic by clicking the topic bar at the top of the page, where there will be the option to edit it, as well. However, some abilities are specific to a mod's rank in the chat. Here is a list of each modtier and what each one does:

AGS: The lowest tier is "Amateur Gavel-Slinger", which allows a user to silence other users who are below their mod-level.

BR: "Bum’s Rusher" is the tier above AGS, which has the ability to kick, which temporarily removes a user from the room, or silence users below their mod-level.

PWB: "Professional Wet Blanket" is the second highest tier, which can silence, kick or ban users in their tier or below. PWBs can also remove bans by visiting the "Full User List", which is located below the regular user list on the page. When a chat is listed as private, only PWBs and CCs can invite users to the chat.

CC: The final and highest tier is the "Chat Creator". A chat creator has all of the abilities of a PWB, but they cannot be unmodded or banned from the chat.

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