Maturity Ratings: SFW to NSFWE

SFW: Safe For Work material includes light roleplays that do not have any sort of adult content. This section is free of abusive or disconcerting language that may offend those of the more sensitive nature. If there is violence, it should be kept to a minimum and should have little blood drawn. Romance would go no farther than a few light kisses and touches. If you desire a roleplay that can turn to NSFW if your partner chooses, it can go under the SFW tag, unless your modifier/opening prompt has NSFW content.

NSFW: Anything with slight violence, gore, light/fluffy smut, crude language, or drugs belongs in this section. This section is for you if you enjoy loving, consensual sex of your ship or a playful kismesitude. If you are not sure if your roleplay is EXTREME NSFW or REGULAR NSFW, please read below.

NSFW Violent: This section is for when a chat is not safe for work, but only due to violence sexual roleplay is not allowed in this section.

NSFW Extreme: If you have the feeling that your roleplay might belong in the EXTREME NSFW section, then it probably does. This section holds gore, non-consensual sex, character death, any form of torture, kinks that may disturb those of lighter heart, drug abuse, incest, spouse/loved one abuse, extreme violence, or anything else that would be deemed illegal in society/anything that could offend someone. Use logical judgement with deciding what tag your roleplay belongs under and do not be offended if someone on the NSFW tag asks you to move to the NSFW Extreme tag.

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