Filters and Checkboxes

The search filters (also known as the checkboxes) are tools that can be used to your disposal when you search for a roleplaying partner. These allow you to decide which characters you do (or don't) run into, along with what Style and Rating you would like your roleplay to be. You cannot search for specific characters on the Roulette page or the Group Chat page, but the Group Chat page allows you to select what Rating and Style you would like to use.

To begin customizing your search on the Character search page, click the dropdown labeled as "Search For". You can "Search for" or "Exclude" certain characters, by clicking the check-box marked: "Look for specific characters". To search for a certain character, click the check-box next to the character’s name. To exclude a character, be sure that their box is not checked, before you begin searching. Also, please remember to place your roleplay under the appropriate Rating and Style categories.

Please make use of these filters, because no one likes being disconnected on before the roleplay even begins.

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